When Should I Call an Emergency Orthodontist?

When Should I Call an Emergency Orthodontist | Edison

Orthodontic emergencies can happen to anyone, and it is essential to know when to seek emergency dental care. In a previous blog post, we discussed why would I need emergency dental implants? However, here in this blog post, we will understand when you should call an emergency dentist to fix your problem with our dentist.

Orthodontic Emergencies Can Include:

  • Broken Dental Braces - Broken Dental Braces - Broken dental braces refer to when one or more brackets or bands become detached from the tooth surface. Dental braces in Edison provide the best treatment for your separated bands or brackets.
  • Lost or Broken Wires - Lost or broken wires occur when the wire that connects the braces becomes damaged or falls out, it's called a lost or broken wire.
  • Loose or Displaced Bands - Loose or displaced bands happen when the metal rings around the back molars become loose or dislodged.
  • Other Painful Situations - Other painful situations could include gum irritation or soreness caused by the braces rubbing against the mouth or tongue

When to Call an Emergency Orthodontist: 5 Situations You Should Know About:

An orthodontic emergency is a situation where an unscheduled appointment is necessary with your dentist in Edison to to address a problem with an orthodontic appliance such as:

  1. Severe Pain:

    It is imperative to schedule an emergency orthodontic appointment. This could indicate a broken wire, loose band or bracket, or potentially a more severe issue. Suppose you are also experiencing symptoms such as fever, swelling, or redness in the affected area. In that case, it requires immediate dental attention.

  2. Loose Bracket or Band:

    Suppose a bracket or band has become detached from your braces. In that case, scheduling an appointment with an emergency orthodontist is critical. Unsecured brackets or bands can result in discomfort and escalate into more severe problems if not treated promptly. Also, refrain from attempting to remove the loose bracket or band yourself. The emergency orthodontist has the necessary skills to repair or replace the detached component to ensure your comfort and effective treatment.

  3. Lost Wire or Bracket:

    If a wire or bracket has come loose from your braces, it is essential to seek emergency orthodontic care. Lost wires and brackets can cause discomfort and interfere with your treatment plan. If you have a misplaced wire or bracket, cover the end of the wire with a piece of orthodontic wax or a portion of sugar-free gum.

  4. Displaced Bands or Brackets:

    If a band or bracket has become displaced, it is vital to seek emergency orthodontic care. Displaced bands can cause discomfort and interfere with your treatment plan. If a band or bracket has become displaced, do not try to push it back into place. An emergency orthodontist can reposition the bar or frame or replace it.

  5. Injured Mouth or Jaw:

    If you have sustained an injury to your mouth, jaw, or face, it is vital to seek emergency orthodontic care. Injuries can cause damage to your braces, as well as cause pain and discomfort. An emergency orthodontist can assess the extent of your injury and provide appropriate treatment.


Orthodontic emergencies are very common, but with prompt and appropriate treatment, orthodontic emergencies can be addressed, and your treatment plan can be maintained. Knowing which dentist to call in an emergency and when to seek immediate treatment is essential. If you experience any of the five situations described above, contact Dr. Pinali Menon, an emergency dentist in Edison. By scheduling an appointment with your emergency orthodontist right away, you can rest assured that your treatment will be back on track in no time.

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