Teeth Whitening Treatments in Edison, New Jersey

Smiling increases blood flow to the brain and makes you feel happy. It creates a positive impression of you. When your teeth are bright and beautiful, you feel more confident to smile. Your teeth look healthy and radiate energy when they are white and stain free. This is the reason why many people look for ways to whiten teeth. There are many home remedies and in-office solutions to treat discolored teeth. Tooth whitening at our Smiles 'R' Us Dental office in Edison, NJ is one of the safest and effective ways to brighten teeth. Many patients visit our practice seeking for teeth whitening since the process takes less time and the results are quickly visible. Our comprehensive dental care ensures that the esthetics of teeth and oral health are improved during the course of treatment.

Teeth discoloration – Causes

The prime causes for Teeth discoloration range from habits of the patients. While some of the sources for discoloration come from the external environment, there are other intrinsic factors that can darken teeth. Following are some of the most widely recognized causes for the teeth discoloration of the teeth.

Habits and diet

Consumption of dark-colored liquids such as wine, cola, tea, coffee and habits such as smoking are known to cause teeth discoloration. The porous enamel layer has the tendency to absorb the coloring pigments. This can mask the natural color of the teeth.


Certain antibiotics such as tetracycline and doxycycline are known to discolor teeth in some patients. This is an intrinsic factor and may require special care.


Early stages of tooth decay and infection of pulp can cause the teeth to look darker. A dentist checks the teeth and takes necessary steps to treat the problems.


The enamel layer of the teeth can wear because of teeth grinding and from aging. This shows up the yellow color of dentin layer through the transparent enamel layer of teeth.

Teeth whitening process

The in-office tooth whitening is highly recommended because it is effective and safe. Patients can see the difference in the color teeth before and after the treatment. The dentist first checks teeth and gums for decay and infection. It is not advisable to whiten the infected teeth. The second step is to take images of the teeth and check the color shade using shade scale.

The whitening process begins with professional cleaning to clear plaque from teeth surface. A protective gel is applied over soft gum tissues. The whitening agent is applied over teeth. Hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, used as whitening agents, have the ability to enter porous enamel layer and clear stain through the process of oxidation. A special light is used during the whitening process to accelerate oxidation reaction. By the end of treatment, our team explains to patients how to take care of teeth to retain the brightness for long a long time.

If you are you unhappy with your dull smile? Make an appointment and visit our dentist in Edison, NJ. Teeth whitening at our Smiles 'R' Us Dentistry office can help you brighten your pearly whites.

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