The Centrality of Professional Teeth Whitening

Importance of Teeth Whitening | Cosmetic Dentist Edison

All of us love to have teeth that are free from stains or any form of pigmentation. Over the course of time, we gradually lose the luster and brightness of our smile. Often whitening of our teeth can be very hard to maintain due to the foods and beverages we consume daily. Also smoking and not properly maintaining our oral hygiene contribute negatively to that teeth whitening. In our previous blog, we have explained six types of cosmetic dentistry treatment in Edison and Kendall Park. However, professional teeth whitening is part of a cosmetic dentistry procedure and must be performed by a cosmetic dentist. Cosmetic teeth whitening can boost your confidence significantly and allow you to be more pleased with your smile.

What Can Cause Stained Teeth?

  1. Not maintaining proper dental hygiene
  2. Stained teeth can also occur due to age
  3. Excessive consumption of pigmented foods and beverages and also due to consumption of alcohol, smoking
  4. It can also happen due to any major dental trauma or injury
  5. Stained teeth can also be developed due to some medications or diseases

4 Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening With a Cosmetic Dentist in Edison:

  1. As DIY teeth whitening solutions are generic, the effectiveness of the procedure often gives varied results. Professional teeth whitening by a cosmetic dentist in Kendall Park provides a customized teeth bleaching solution that is appropriate for your dental needs.
  2. Some individuals develop stubbornly stained and pigmented teeth that often go very deep into the dental enamel. These types of dental stains are very tough to remove and often can be removed by an in-house teeth whitening treatment.
  3. As professional teeth whitening is performed by a cosmetic dentist in Edison they carefully protect your teeth and gums from the prolonged corrosive exposure of the bleaching agent.
  4. Where DIY teeth bleaching can take a long period of time without a solid guarantee, in-house teeth whitening is very efficient and gives visible results within a very short period of time.


You can achieve a whiter and dazzling smile by using both in-office or DIY kits. Despite that, you must always consult a dentist in Kendall Park before choosing any treatment as maintaining your oral hygiene and health is more important than just having whiter teeth.

If you want to avail dependable cosmetic dentistry solutions or require impeccable dental care, you can approach Dr. Pinali Javeri Menon DDS, and her team at Smiles ‘R’ Us . Dr. Pinali Javeri Menon DDS, has 20+ years of experience and expertise in the fields of orthodontics and has served the community of Kendall Park and Edison for many years. To avail more information about our services and dental procedures or to book a consultation, please contact us at (732)-516-0111 right away.

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