Common Signs You Need an Emergency Dentist

Common Signs You Need an Emergency Dentist

Not everyone would want to witness a sudden dental emergency interrupting their normal, daily routines. Broken tooth, completely knocked out teeth, tooth pain, can knock on your doors anytime. An emergency orthodontist’s help is necessary during those torrid times. In our previous blog, we have explained 8 dental emergencies that need an emergency dentist in Edison. However, most individuals are unaware of the facts about managing dental emergencies. Call your emergency dentist when you need them, they are available 24/7.

When To Call an Emergency Dentist in Edison?

When immediate help is needed in any dental emergency situation the most important key is to calm down and dial an emergency dentist.

6 Common Dental Braces Issues That Need an Emergency Dentist in Edison:

  1. Stubborn Food Stuck in The Braces:

    Food gets stuck in the braces and this cannot be avoided no matter what. This is not considered an emergency. It can be removed with the help of dental floss or any specially designed brush. But, if this does not come out then you need to call an orthodontist or dental braces in Kendall Park.

  2. Wire Out of Place:

    The brackets wire protrudes out in the mouth, thus, poking the gums, cheeks, or any other part of your mouth. A pencil eraser or a Q-tip can be used to move the protruding wire back in its place. If this does not help then call your emergency dentist soon.

  3. If Ligature Gives Way:

    Ligatures are small rubber bands that keep the wires held to the bracket. You can fix it at home with the help of a tweezer. If not possible then without wasting time call your emergency dentist in Edison as the brackets can become loose if ignored.

  4. Loose Brackets:

    Brackets can become loose for many reasons. Call your emergency dentist immediately as it can cause oral injury.

  5. Infection or Unmanageable Pain:

    If your pain is unmanageable or has some sort of infection, then it is better to get it checked and treated as soon as possible. Get in touch with your dentist in Kendall Park as soon as possible. Don't think twice to call your emergency dentist.

  6. Sores in The Mouth:

    Sores in the mouth can be due to irritations caused by wires and the brackets. Dental wax does help but if it does not then it is better to consult an emergency dentist.


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