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Professional Dental Cleaning and Teeth Whitening – Is there a difference?

The terms cleaning and whitening may seem similar especially with regard to teeth. The two procedures, however, are performed for different reasons. While professional tooth cleaning is a routine dental procedure, patients take up teeth whitening by choice as a cosmetic makeover for their dull smile. The following write-up provides an overview of tooth cleaning and tooth whitening in our Kendall Park, NJ office.

Dull teeth can make your smile less attractive. The brighter the teeth - the more natural and refreshing the smile turns out to be. There are a number of factors which affect the color of teeth. Stain, an alien layer that forms over teeth, has to be removed before achieving that dazzling smile you always wanted.

Tooth whitening is done in order to clear the stain formed over teeth. Offering both in-house treatment and take away whitening products, we wish to brighten the smiles to live up to the expectations of patients. We have different varieties of treatment in teeth whitening which are designed to suit the need of our patients.

What is tooth whitening?

The top layer of our teeth, the enamel, has pores which are capable of attracting stain. The stain is formed when dark colored food particles and smoke get collected within the porous layer of enamel over a period of time leading to discoloration.

Tooth whitening is a process where the whitening agents reach out to the pores and remove stain to expose the natural color of teeth. With the removal of discoloring stain, the teeth look brighter and more attractive.

Products and treatment options at our dental practice

The White strips offered at our practice can be used to check the effectiveness of teeth whitening. Patients can use these strips at home. The strips have a limitation. Since they are not suitable to remove stain between teeth, a more effective approach will be required to make the teeth brighter. We have bleaching methods which are planned and customized to agree with the dental health of our patients. Our team takes care of factors like tooth sensitivity during the planning phase.

Our Zoom whitening process is another treatment where a specialized solution and laser is used to break through the stain. It is quick and it is effective. Bleaching trays and one touch-up kit come along with this package of treatment. The process is safe since the periodontium is covered during the treatment process. There are a number of after treatment products that come along to let patients enhance the brightness of their smile.

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