Dental Implants in Kendall Park, New Jersey

A healthy cavity is about keeping every tooth in shape and intact. Even if one tooth goes missing, the dent caused in the mouth is immeasurable. Having a missing tooth can affect the functionality, health, and the aesthetics of the oral cavity. They can make a person feel weaker and look older by causing the facial skin to sag. There are many prosthodontic appliances developed for missing teeth which is placed in the oral cavities of millions of patients, energizing them with healthy teeth structure.

Dental implants have marvelously worked for the good oral health of our patients in Kendall Park, NJ. They have filled the gaps formed by missing tooth and brought more life to the oral cavity. The tooth replacement appliance is designed to function just like a natural tooth, providing the same sensation in every bite. Our dentist has proven experience in placing dental implants and we perform the surgeries with a lot of care. The success of our surgeries is reflected in many of our patients who are delightful owners of healthy smiles today.

How does dental implant work?

Dental implants are basically metal roots which can be inserted into the jaw bone in place of missing teeth. They carry an abutment over which the dental crown is placed. The implanted metal forms a strong bond with the tissues of the jaw bone. This gives the artificial tooth a functional connection with the mouth. This is the reason why patients get the similar sensation of biting and chewing with dental implants as it is with a natural tooth.

Dental implants – Requirements and Procedure

Placement of dental implants requires surgery to be performed. The jawbone should be adequate to hold the implant. Apart from this criterion, to perform the surgery, the dentist considers other health factors related to the heart and medical conditions such as uncontrollable variation in blood pressure or diabetes. The entire process takes place in a number of steps and the patient has to visit the dentist multiple times before the dental implants are fixed in the oral cavity.

Initially, patients are examined to check their dental health and see if they are suitable for the dental implant procedure. Medical conditions and other oral conditions are considered during the process. Dentist explains all the treatment options before going ahead with the procedure. After receiving the approval from the patient, a treatment plan is framed.

Dentist places the implant in the jaw bone. The implant may or may not have an abutment. The implant is left to heal in the jaw bone. Osseointegration takes place wherein the implant connects with bone tissues and forms a strong bond. The crown is placed over the abutment. This artificial tooth functions as well as a natural tooth.

Thanks to the process of Osseointegration, the implants form a perfect replacement for natural root. This is the reason why dental implants are considered one of the best tooth restoration techniques in dentistry.

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