Emergency Dentist or Cosmetic Dentist: Getting the Right Dental Care

Emergency & Cosmetic Dentist The Right Dental Care | Edison

Cosmetic dentistry has taken over the world of beauty and fashion as the demand for better aesthetic looks and ‘perfect smiles’ is rising. Some cosmetic dentistry solutions do not need the consultation of an emergency dentist.

Also, most cosmetic dentistry procedures also provide restorative benefits. Cosmetic dental crowns are a part of smile makeover treatment but in case of any dental emergency such as a cracked or infected tooth, it can become a crucial element. Also between restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures the difference often lies in the choice of materials and its benefits. In our previous blog, we have explained symptoms and reasons to visit an emergency dentist in Edison. However, if you are looking forward to going for cosmetic dentistry solutions during emergency dental care there lie many factors and why you should consider it.

Does Restorative Dentistry Provide a Long-Lasting Impact?

If done right by a cosmetic dentist in Edison, restorative dentistry procedures can last up to decades. As cosmetic dental implants are a more suitable option than suffering long term with an effect of tooth extraction. It can stimulate the jawbone to remain stronger than going for a partial denture.

Why Must You Visit an Emergency Dentist in Edison During a Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies often occur without prior notice. An urgent care dentist in Edison provides the best treatment when there is a dental emergency. Most cosmetic dentistry restorations need step-by-step maintenance of the method to reach its final stage. Emergency dentists hold expertise in emergency procedures and some can even deliver dental implant services.

4 Dental Emergencies That Need an Emergency Dentist in Edison:

  1. In case of an emergency, resulting in a chipped or broken tooth, an emergency dentist in Kendall Park can provide primary care.
  2. Loss of dental crown or filling can happen due to dental trauma. After the primary medical assistance and a proper healing emergency dentist can perform a dental implant in space of the lost teeth.
  3. In case of a lost tooth one must immediately approach an emergency dentist. The dentist will provide first-aid care depending on the gravity of the case.
  4. Abscesses can visibly cause inflammation of the jawbone and face. To treat the issue, a dentist must perform a root canal to secure the teeth and prescribe required medications to combat the inflammation and swelling.


If you are actively looking forward to finding and availing yourself of reliable and cosmetic dentistry and need an emergency dentist in Edison for dental care solutions you can approach Dr. Pinali Javeri Menon D.D.S and her team at the Smiles "R" Us. Dr. Pinali Javeri Menon has more than 20+ years of experience and expertise in the fields of cosmetic dentistry and has served individuals for many years. For further clarifications on service and dental procedures or to book an emergency consultation please contact (732)-516-0111.

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